​​​​​​​​​​NORDIC DIVAS

  IN my blogs, you can expect to learn more about ICELAND, FINLAND, NORWAY, SWEDEN and DENMARK. Posts on exactly how to do that- how to get prepared, how to absorb the cultural diversity of new place and how to enjoy your stay. Tips and advice on how you can travel better.

     I will show you that it's easier than you think to travel around the world as a woman. See you soon.....

I really wondered: Will it be safe? Will I be lonely all the time? Will I have regrets?

       But I knew that the biggest regret of all would be to stay in a situation I wasn't happy with: a world of fancy cars, designer clothes, expensive jewelry and fake show offs. That somehow had failed bringing me the joy I'd promised myself.

           So, I spent whole September researching about my dream destination- a Nordic Place- Magical ICELAND. And in October, I took my shoes and boarded the plane to Iceland.

Standing on amazing, world famous Black Sand Beach, I felt like I had reached the pot of gold, and literally I was at the end of the rainbow (or may be the beginning of new colors of my life).

  And it all turned out to be quite simple, easy and safe.

     What had I been so afraid of ?
        The beauty of traveling solo, especially as a female, has also taught me so much about myself. Now I am more confident, independent, stronger & resilient. I've befriended so many amazing women out there doing the very same thing.

   I've received countless emails from women & girls in similar situations: those who are yearning to travel and are ready to see the world. I always tell them that if it's in their heart, they should definitely do it.

       There is room for more, with me. I can provide an amazing experience about the world. Hence, I began with traveling especially for female travelers. It just requires a leap of faith (within you), and right preparations (I'll provide you).

I am a curious learner who loves to travel and observe things at close encounters.I travelled many places with my family, and the choice of destination & adventures were always focused on the kids enjoyment. And I was very happy with that.

        After coming home & getting busy with my life,somehow,I could not shake off my desire to  travel alone,with my friends & to the destinations of my choice.

        In those days of longing, I never imagined I would eventually take off on a solo travel trip. 

  But Why did I quit my job to travel the world?

          Even though I was professionally successful, I wasn't happy. The job paid well, but I found that the money wasn't enough to justify spending rest of my life doing that work.

           At this stage of life,when I have my own house,kids are settled & I have achieved a respectable place in society: I felt something was missing. I needed adventure & I couldn't shake my desire to travel to my dream destinations.

         I wasn't sure how to make it happen.

      Bitten by travel bug, I researched heavily into places where I always imagined myself. I was looking for unique, virgin and mysterious places, that are yet to be exposed to world. My search ended at Nordic countries and my journey began with Iceland.

          Could women really travel alone safely?

      I knew nobody else, who could just quit her life & join me; so the only way was to go alone. The more I read online, the more I realized it was possible & the more my desire became huge.

      Quitting my job, I followed my instinct and took the action.