In October 2015, I had one of the best trips of my life in the land of Fire & Ice- ICELAND. I’m longing to go back with rest of my family and wish them to navigate the island and experience the self driven road trip around the rind road.

 This will be a meditative trance for us where we can truly feel the value of our breaths and our relativity to the whole universe. Surely an eye opener for any human being. 

— Being here does feel out of this world - as if we have time travelled to some other time ( can’t say future or past). May be because of the land itself- empty & wild and the sagas associated with it- vikings, giants, elves and humans with powers to go invisible.

PHOTOS    that will make you reach for your passport

​​​​​​​​​​NORDIC DIVAS

— I was in real awe of the place witnessing the geothermal ares spread around the country; from sea side to the most remote areas of the glaciers. With boiling water, mud pools, colorful landscapes, geysers and natural hot springs, the many untouched geothermal areas makes it an irresistible place.

— The vistas are unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere. I loved the lava fields all around and being at the cracking of Earth and Eurasian plates moving apart. Wow!! Got the goosebumps .

— We are definitely going to enjoy spending most of our days driving around, hiking and exploring ice caves on the magnificent frozen glacial tongue. Here we will experience amazing icefall cascading down and walk through crevasses exploring unique features of the glacier.  

 I have enjoyed quiet moments all by myself; now i am longing to live magical display of Northern lights on winter sky in good company of my family and friends.....

I am sure traveling with my family will feel almost tribal on that almost alien land; as if walking on Mars. For sure, we will feel much closer to each other afterwards.

— Every thing here is natural with essential modern day facilities clubbed together to make it a future urban village; ready to witness and survive the changeover of this modern world & refresh the planet once again. 

— What struck me most is how people we encounter here are so protective of the Nature they are blessed with. They keep everyone alarmed & alert to make sure not to step a single foot out of prescribed path to the destination, so that the delicate & raw Nature is not spoiled at all. 

Every stone turned has a history associated and a story behind it. Each rock jutting out of sea is presumably some giant who could not make into waters before sunrise & turned into a stone. Quite intriguing and fascinating.

Beautiful hues sprinkled all around. Some parts are black, some red, covered with green & yellow moth. It all depends on how lava left the volcano and how it cooled. Rust also played it’s part over the centuries and added it’s own history & typical color to volcanic crators and lava fields.

— Part of getting out into the Icelandic Nature is the peace and quiet. Away from it all you can enjoy moments of perfect relaxation when only the sound of Nature can be heard. The bright summer nights when the air is completely still are particularly memorable.

— We got to go close to animals in the water,especially HumpbackWhales, Minke, Dolphins & Porpoises and also need to check on Puffin island where nature comes alive with amazing bird life. The romantic in me really felt like staying there forever when I saw flocks of sheep and horses roam the hills and lush pastures.