​​​​​​​​​​NORDIC DIVAS

Address: Bankastræti 14, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

We stopped here while touring the main shopping streets for a quick bite. It was very small and had a great local feel. 
The Deli is a gourmet trattoria,featuring regional Mediterranean cuisineas well as speciality pizzas and daily hot specials.Nice personal service, first class produce.The passion of the Mediterranean.Hot pasta, whole pizza or slices.Grilled panini, fresh baked filled baguettes.Pasta salads and fresh salads.Eat in or take away.It’s not a big place and by no means flashy and to be honest it gets a bit lost next to the big Subway sign next to it. There is a long breakfast type bar with stools, however cannot seat too many people.
At lunch you can get two slices of pizza for 500 ISK and the pasta of the day is 1200ISK.I’ve had the pasta at Deli it was delicious and I’ll definitely try it again. The plate, by the way, was huge and two could easily share it with the garlic bread that comes with it.The pizza here is great, it has a this crispy base with great flavors from all the toppings and is huge. Good diverse menu and numerous options for a Veggie like me.Small take away type place but the pizza is some of the best I had in long time. I really enjoyed the warm hearty food.
I left full and happy, great prices and nice service right in the city center. Surprisingly the Deli is one of only a few takeaway restaurants in Reykjavik. It’s open late and you can buy a slice. The local newspaper had this place on there list of "Best of Reykjavik". 


Address: Hverfisgata 56, 101, Reykjavik

    Having an Indian food on your visit to Iceland might be the last thing on your mind, but believe me this was our “ food highlight” of the trip. As the reviews go- “an upmarket experience with a minimalist interior and a select choice of sublime dishes, the atmosphere is relaxed and the service warm”.  “The best Indian restaurant in Iceland and one of the best in Europe. Always delivers 100%. The medium-sized and welcoming restaurant offers various mouth-watering dishes”,  “Austur-Indíafjelagið or the East-India Company is truly a gem in the Icelandic restaurant flora, you could say a jewel in the crown. Founded in the early 90s by an Icelandic-Indian couple, Gunnar Gunnarsson and Chandrika Gunnarsson, it has been constantly evolving from a modest Indian restaurant offering curries and food from the tandoor to a world class ambassador of the richness and diversity of the subcontintent’s cooking”.

I loved to visit this cozy, relaxed and well decorated restaurant. The indian vegetarian dishes were truly outstanding. I just had a standout meal, especially considering that I was in Iceland. If you really crave Indian, you just can’t miss it. The staff was very welcoming and attentive.

Make sure to book in advance as this place is always full of locals (which is always a good sign). You would have never thought that you would have such pleasant experience in Iceland. Awsome food….Brilliant for Vegetarians…

Address: Borgartún 24, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland
Opening Hours
Monday through Friday: 09.00 - 20.00. 
Saturday: 11:00 - 17:00

LIFANDI markadur is a health food store featuring a wide variety of natural and organic products. Enjoy a wonderful selection from local growers along with organic food, nutritional supplements, certified natural cosmetics and ecological products - from Iceland and all over the world.  They offer the highest quality, least processed, most flavorful organic and natural foods available.Healthy choice for modern people.
The point of differentiation is that it is not only a food store, but also a modern and health conscious restaurant with wide range of health foods, salad bar, supplements and pre-prepared dishes to eat in relaxing surroundings or to take away. The selection consists of variety of healthy choices from all food groups, including fish and meat. The menu changes daily and is devoid of any kind of white flour, white sugar or yeast. 
The day’s special is always suitable for vegetarians. In addition to healthy food, customers can try the quality Icelandic herb tea or fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juice. All our smoothies are 100% real fruit and are low in fat and high in energy. They are famous for our salad bar, and make delicious freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and shots. Health Conscious Restaurant.
I am a vegetarian, so I can speak of this option only. The food was fresh, Incredible and tasted so good. The hardest thing is to choose what I should have. They always have soup, salads, vegetarian dish and smoothies. After our arrival to Iceland in dark, we were not sure about finding many veg options and was delighted to find this place open with ample of choices. The chef gave me beautiful sauce of cashew and tomato to take home. It was the bet sauce I’ve ever had.The place is perfectly what I needed serving the best healthy tasty food.The bread is sour dough organic and is baked in store every day. Wholesome & tasty meal giving good energy.

Of course, what matters most is food and here in aReykjavik, Iceland , Vegetarians will justifiably be proud of various authentic choices in cozy romantic setting as well as adventure casual outlets. The wine list has the perfect red, white and sparkling wines to complement  main course meal and desserts creating sublime tastes which blend together for an amazing dining experience and undoubtedly will continue to warm the bellies of travelers for generations to come.

And as the saying goes," when in Rome, do as the romans do". So, I suggest that as travelers, we can enjoy our journey by introducing our taste buds to new and 'never eaten before' meals also. There is abundance of chips, fries,cookies, cakes, breads, wraps,pizza and pasta along with juices and smoothies. Every one will find fabulous and delicious food to their liking.



Address: Miðborg, Reykjavík, Iceland

We need our snacks to be cheap, tasty and quick to grab. That is why discovering the newly established HabiBi at Hafnarstræti was a delightful treat for us all. Specializing in authentic Arabic traditional food, HabiBi serves delicious shawarma, kebab-sticks and falafels to an expanding number of hungry downtown strollers from lunch to late dinner hours. HabiBi is open until six in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays, preparing hot juicy meals for all the late night out crowd in desperate need of energy. We went there twice! We ate the same thing twice! The hummus was great and there was a side of wonderful fresh salsa with our spicy sandwiches. Whether it’s the rich plate of kebab sticks with hummus, salad and purple onion yoghurt cheese sauce or the falafel sandwich, which comes highly recommended. Wrapped in warm flour tortilla and generously stuffed with flavorful deep-fried falafel balls, vegetables, chilies and yoghurt sauce it only costs 700 ISK with a can of soda, making it my favorite at the moment. I can even guarantee that all you harder-than-hell-to-please vegetarian folks out there are going to love it. Friendly staff, superb food and relaxed atmosphere. Recommend for everyone wanting a great meal.


      The moment you land at Keflavik International Airport, you are welcomed by Joe & the juice- an on trend coffee shop/juice bar. The concept answers the needs of today’s traveller for a quick pick-me-up in the form of great espresso drinks, freshly pressed smoothies and juices, and a variety of sandwiches prepared on the spot. For a distinctly Danish touch, Joe’s sandwiches are made with traditionally baked rye bread, using flavorful combinations of nutritious fillings such as tomato, mozzarella and a touch of pesto.
According to the manager Daníel Kári stefánsson,” People come for the atmosphere as well as for the healthy drinks, and the reaction from the Icelandic public has been great”.

Unforgettable names for freshly pressed juice combinations such as ‘Sex Me Up’- passion fruit, ginger and apple,’Joe’s Green Kiss’- spinach, ginger and apple and one ‘Hell Of A Nerve’- strawberry, elderberry and banana, are sure to grab your attention.

A unique blend of coffee beans are used here, that have been specially cultivated in South America. There’s no extra charge if you want to up your caffeine intake with a double shot in your latte and you choose your cup size- in pink, purple, yellow or gray. Ideal to bring on board and enjoy later.

You can also find Joe & the Juice at Reykjavik’s Kringlan shopping mall, Kópavogur’s smáralind shopping mall, Laugar fitness centre and Keflvík airport’s check-in lounge. It is open in accordance with flight schedule with exception on some flights departing after midnight. This is one place to check out!

5. Aalto Bistro

Address: Sturlugata 5, The Nordic House, Norraena Husid, Reykjavik 101, Iceland

Heard a lot about this restaurant from (dutch) friends who have been visiting this place several times.It's a short walk from the center of town, but one that lets you discover a lovely little park, and even a little bird reserve! 
We came here the first night of our trip.We had dinner here as an indulgence on one of our nights in Reykjavik. It was definitely worth it. There seems to usually be one vegetarian starter and one main option. I had the pumpkin burger, which was beautifully presented and tasted amazing. Ingredients were sourced locally when possible.I also had the wild mushroom soup, really enjoyed it. Zucchini and herb frittata with yogurt sauce was also delicious. Some yummy Desserts options were Chocolate layer cake with raspberry sauce, Oven baked cinnamon apples with vanilla ice cream and Rhubarb tart with meringue.
 It had a great view (with binoculars) of the lake and downtown Reykjavik. Our server was excellent - very friendly and attentive. The food was fantastic, fresh and well presented.As Iceland is known to be an expensive place to go we were pleasantly surprised at the prices as they were not that much higher than a standard meal which would not have been of the same quality. To top it all off we saw the northern lights when we left as the restaurant was based slightly outside the main central area so population was less. The building itself was also beautiful, with art displays just outside the restaurant. Also offers an excellent view of the city skyline. I would definitely return. (Not sure about accessibility without a car, it was a 25 min walk from where we were staying near the main downtown street so we did end up driving, which was really quick - a cab ride probably wouldn't be too much)

All my friends in India were very excited to visit Iceland with me. Almost all of them had the very first and important query- “What about the food?”, “Do we get enough vegetarian options there?” Then I realized what was stopping them till now and I decided there and then that I would surely find the satisfactory answers for them.
I really researched a lot about this priority, on my trip to Iceland. And now I can assure all of them with full confidence, that ; whether it’s the start or the end of their trip, or a chill out day in the middle, Reykjavik offers a great selection of tempting vegetarian courses. Many of the ingredients are freshly produced in-house, helping to create highly original concoctions. Sophisticated restaurants or cosy cafes, Iceland has it all for vegetarians….
the choice is simply mouth watering…..

2.  CAFE GARDURINN (Vegetarian Restaurant)

Address: Klapparstígur 37, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Gardurinn serves delicious vegetarian meals and soup, cakes made of spelt, and tea and coffee to your liking. For life long vegetarians especially the picky eaters, this is the place to be. Only vegetarian food is served here in relaxing atmosphere full of nice vibes. A small quiet place with soft meditation music, mandalas- run by father & son as family business for many years. Inspired by Guru Chinmoy from India, The owner adapted vegetarianism around 70 years back and since then he is following his rule & is running the only pure veg. outlet in Iceland.

Menu is fixed for whole week,each day having different dish on course. A soup, one main meal and a dessert. I was served hot Beetroot soup, as per the menu of the day. Yummy and healthy. Delicious spinach lasagne served with carrots and salad, and few vegan brownies for dessert & they were so good. Service is very friendly. They always have a warm contended smile on their faces.Affordable prices. It closes by 6.00 in the evening. So, reach on time to sit, relax & enjoy the ambience, music and meal. It is highly recommended if you are looking for a good, healthy lunch.

4. GLÓ

Address: 20b Laugavegur, Reykjavik Centre, 101

     Gló is one of Reykjavik’s best vegetarian restaurants, because the restaurant uses only fresh ingredients, the menu is updated daily & features four dishes of the day: raw food,a meat or vegetarian dish and the soup of the day, along with tea, coffee & desserts.The head chef at Glo is Solveig Eiriksdottir, a pioneer in the field of healthy cooking in Iceland. Glo is Iceland's first raw food restaurant. Raw food is about consuming unprocessed vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, heated under 47°C. This preperation method preserves the enzymes in the ingredients, so your body gets an extra large portion of excellent nutrition. Glo always uses organic vegetables and ingredients, without additives and preservatives, in every dish.

I love this place! Amazing high quality very tasty vegetarian and vegan food. Take away options and eat in. I ordered Mexican Wrap which was very filling & the selection of salad was great. Veggie Lasagna with choice of 3 salads was also delicious & filling. Price wise it’s a good value place, considering how expensive Reykjavik is. It was upstairs and you get a great view of main street.It’s a health food restaurant where fresh veggies were chosen by you and were cut and prepared by girls, there and then. If you are looking for a light meal, you should give this place a try. Taste of Vegan Chocolate cake was quit rich. Texture was light and velvety. Vegan Burger included beets and grapefruit. Very delicious and filling. It’s a place for veggie lovers and some stuff for others.

6. Kryddlegin Hjörtu (which means "Seasoned Hearts”) 
Address: Hverfisgata 33, Reykjavík, Iceland

Famous for Fresh Salad & Soup Bar
This cosy restaurant provides healthy, delicious foods with a variety of tastes. They are committed to using first class fresh & local food production and local farmers.
Popped in here on a spur while in Reykjavik and we loved it.If you're passing by and don't know where to eat then do as we did and call in, you won't be disappointed.The restaurant sells a lot of local produce with mostly organic ingredients where possible. The service was great, the prices reasonable and they do a really great soup and salad buffet which is ideal for lunch.Vegan and vegetarian here is also a great choice.Mushroom soup was the best.I had the peanut steak and my friend had Buddha Salad. Reasonably priced and delicious. Definitely recommend especially for vegetarians and those who travel with vegetarians.Nice healthy food with fresh ingredients.This one turned out to be a great little find.It offers good food and value for money, equally popular with locals and tourists. Every day the choice of 4 soups change. Price is fixed for all you can eat. Salad and bread bar. It's serve yourself style. Upon entry you pay your money to the receptionist in exchange for 1 empty soup bowl. The trick is not to be overly greedy and fill it up too much since this is the only bowl you will get. Once you eat what you have put in your bowl you may try any of the other soups on offer, 1or all, the choice is yours. Entry is via car park from the back of the building facing Skulagata street ( no 17). If driving along Seabrut the restaurant is quite obvious from the big Red heart (or pepper) on the front.

Address: Höfðatún, Reykjavík, Iceland

Happ promotes health Iceland.
Being a veggie, finding this small cosy place in the middle of town was a godsend.
Happ has the aim to promote more health. Healthy food from pure ingredients. Real food, made from scratch in their kitchen without additives, flavoring and coloring. Works of art from nature that delights the eyes as well as taste buds. Behind Happ kitchen lies the idea that food should be healthy and nutritious. Tucked above all to be clean and fresh.Their menu includes:
Apple, ginger and peanut porridge with raspberry cream;
Breakfast porridge with blueberry mixture; Sunny Safi; Hulk; Joy juice; Happ Bread; Hummus, Pesto & marmalade; Happ Pizza; Happ Wafers; Oat Cookies; And Tomato soup.
I like their food which is using healthy ingredients.The soups were unique and differed every day-the coconut with corn combo was amazing. Toasted sandwiches-especially the BMT (basil, mozzarella, tomato) were large, satisfying, and healthy. Their lunch options change every day but they have a consistent selection of sandwiches that are available every day. (try Born to Run with almond butter, avocado, arugula an tomato and the one with sweet potatoes).The lattes and espressos were made with Chaqwa beans-better than expected. Bit pricey but worth it. What I truly love is their freshly squeezed juices, in particular their PAM (Pineapple, Apple, Mint) one.Yummy cakes. Lovely decor. Carrot cake and oatmeal jam tarts delicious.It was a good option for a reasonably priced lunch yet avoiding the 'fast food' option
Atmosphere is cozy, perfect for internet use while relaxing, and the music selection is super!
They even have a couple of iPads across the counter where you order--amazing on all points!