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    Welcome to ​Northern Europe!​​ Whole Year Destinations...

Nordic Divas provide DMC services in all the Nordic countries. Experience the mystic world of NORDIC - Norway, Iceland, Finland Denmark and Sweden.

We help you get luxury of both the culture and the nature. Enjoy the summer season with Midnight Sun, Fjords and World class luxurious Cruising.

Come celebrate the " ART OF TRAVEL" in Nordic.

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When you visit a destination with a culture, lifestyle and environment different from your own, you'll become more open to various ways of life!!  We believe travel broadens the mind and gives each of us a different perspective of life. Get out and experience the world!!


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The Blue Planet Aquarium

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Nordic through Travel!

Our trips not only provide fantastically rewarding & memorable excursions from all over Nordic region, but also enhance the experience by filling up the gaps that are usually over looked by travelers themselves. 



“the best vacation. ever!”

That's what you will say upon returning from your first Nordic trip. The sights, the adventure, new friends, new vigor- permanent change in the ideas of living- much more fun than you ever had.

Come and immerse in the Arctic wonderland.

We provide full DMC services in all the Nordic countries. They are an all-year-round destinations.  Traveling in style isn't just for celebrities. When you travel with us, you can trust that we'll take care of you. With our top-notch services, you will evolve as real

"Nordic Expert"

Midnight Sun

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