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In Lapland, nights are white throughout the summer from late May until early August. This means there’s 24 hours a day for activities like jet skiing, horseback riding, swimming, hiking, river cruises, visiting husky and reindeer farms and a whole lot more – pretty much anything you can do during the day, you can do in the night.

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Landmarks and Sights
Lapland's most loved and indeed best known inhabitant is Santa Claus. You can meet Santa Claus on every day of the year at the cottage that lies on the Arctic Circle. Set deep below the ground, this is a place to enjoy a day of fun with Santa’s cheerful elves.

The forested hillsides appeal to nature lovers and activity enthusiasts. Nature trails, jogging and mountain bike routes, cross country skiing tracks and downhill skiing slopes make it a destination providing plenty to do for people of all ages and abilities. Meet the animals of the Arctic, from Polar Bears to lemmings at the Zoo.



Sunset at the Arctic Circle
Experience the Lappish night as its most beautiful. Take a 700 m hike to the top of hill and listen stories about local nature while barbequ- ing by the open fire. 

Safari of the Midnight SunA guided tour into a closed wildlife park in Arctic Zoo. Observing many animals in the bright summer night. Safari incl. feeding the animals. Sausages and coffee by an open fire. 

Midnight sun Jet ski picnicExperience the bright night of Lapland! Thrilling trip on a jetski along river. Outdoor snack during the safari by the open fire. 

Canoeing trip from
husky farm to reindeer farm
We meet lovely huskies at the husky farm and paddle to visit the reindeer farm where we will have a snack next to fire and get to know the life style of reindeer men.

River raftingJump on a raft with experienced guide as your captain. Rapids give you nice adrenaline flow as you take runs downstream. 

Jetski TasterRide along the beautiful rivers of Lapland on a personal watercraft. See the river from the different angle! 

Riverboat Cruise on
the Tracks of Timber Rafting
Cruise along the Lappish rivers which used to be the route for the timber out of the woods to the mills. 


Hiking with reindeerThe reindeer will carry your packs while walking along the Lappish river. We will also try out fishing and enjoy Lappish snacks around a fireplace.

Hiking with huskiesLet’s go for a walk in the forest with huskies!

Visit to a genuine local reindeer farm: Visit the local reindeer farm where the young owners will introduce the local life of reindeer herders! You can feed the animals while listening to these incredible stories. 

Moose Watching SafariAn interesting nature trip for watching moose. Also great opportunity for taking photos or videos. 

Hiking trip to VaattunkiA guided few kilometer hiking tour in beautiful scenery of Lappish nature trails. Includes sausages and beverages by open fire. 

Wilderness boat trip and fishing experienceExperience the Finnish forest and stunning wilderness lake by rowing boat, rubber-boat or by canoes and learn fishing by traditional way. Includes sausages and beverages by open fire. 

Fishing at Lappish  RiverRelax in the nature and learn some fishing. You can try fly-fishing and spinning on the river banks. Lunch on open fire. 

Trail Riding in IslandUnique riding experience with friendly Finnhorses in the beautiful landscapes of Lappish Island 6 km from city. 

Santa Claus SafariA riverboat cruise to a Lappish handicrafts workshop and to a local reindeer farm. Lunch and a ceremonial crossing of the Arctic Circle. By car to the Santa Claus Village to meet Santa himself!! Time for shopping. 

The Secret of the AntlerVisit a Lappish log-built home and handicrafts workshop 10 km from city. See how reindeer ant- ler is worked and make your own souvenir. 

Animal Lovers’ Day Trip to Arctic ZooA guided tour into wildlife park and a visit to the husky kennel Arctic Borealis. Includes lunch and transportation from city and back. 

Finnish Sauna & SwimmingBath privately in Finnish sauna, swim in a fresh lake and let the beautiful view of Lake enchant you. Towels, washing products, tea/coffee, sausages, in- surance and transportation for 1-4 persons included. 

Lappish traditional eveningRelax in a hot sauna and take a dip in the refreshing water of wilder- ness lake. You can play outdoor games and test your fishing skills. Dinner by the open fire is included. 

Sauna by JetskiRide jetski along a river and take a shortcut to a traditional Finnish sauna by the river. Bathe in the sauna and enjoy the river scenery from the terrace. Soft drinks included. Optional BBQ-dinner available. 

Private Sauna CruiseSauna raft cruises the scenic rivers of magical Lapland. 

Lapland’s location into the Arctic Circle makes it a fascinating mix of modern city life and mystical Lappish culture. Lapland offers a stunning backdrop and a wide range of activities for tourists throughout the seasons. The city centre is compact, and the easiest way to explore it is on foot. This site contains tips on the best places to visit, whether you are looking for adventure, culture or unspoiled nature. Here you will find all of the Lapland’s most famous sights as well as a few hidden gems!

The northern most Finland's city plan was designed by the famous architect Alvar Aalto. The streets are laid out in the shape of a reindeer’s head! Following the outline of the head takes you along a scenic riverside route close to the sights in the city centre.

Where does Santa live ??

Welcome to Lapland !!

Lapland is on Arctic Circle where the everyday Arctic meets a fairy tale land. It’s cultural destinations showcase northern art, Lapland of today and yesteryear, and research into the Arctic Region. Lapland is also the only place in the world where you can meet Santa Claus on every day of the year.

Nature is nevertheless always present: you can easily access the wilds in fifteen minutes from any part of the town. Way of life here is characterized by distinct seasons and constantly changing Arctic light. We are either heading towards the summer time and the midnight sun or the polar night of deep winter.